Experience. Dedication. Diplomacy. Results.

From medical clinics and hospitals to retailers, banks, and utility companies, CSI offers over 50 years of expertise in debt collection services to effectively and efficiently recover funds for our clients. Because we know your accounts receivable is the lifeline of your company, we employ proven recovery techniques to reduce delinquencies, improve your accounts receivable recovery rate, and ultimately, improve your bottom line.

Why choose CSI over "The Other Guys"?

  • Experience - CSI offers over 50 years of debt collection experience. Fully licensed by the state of Arkansas, we also serve many clients in surrounding states such as Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

  • Dedication - We work to achieve the highest possible return on each dollar placed. In fact, our average rate of recovery consistently ranks ahead of the national average.

  • Diplomacy - CSI understands the importance of preserving the debtor/creditor relationship when collecting debt, and we'll strive get what you're owed without losing your customer.

  • Results - Our fee is based solely on debt collection results, not on the amount of time spent working on an account. In other words, we'll do whatever it takes, no matter how long it takes, to recover your funds.

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